I the pensioner and the student are paid to pay. Not always their bag is clear. They are interested in whether they can apply for a discount on the fee, what they have to pay in case of disputed tax. Daov’s adviser Ivana Pilaov answered these questions and gave him questions.

I am retired and I have spent less than 5 thousand crowns on the basis of an agreement on work activities and I did not sign the declaration. So they deducted the Serbian tax from me and did not apply discounts. Can I sign the report back?

The tax return must be signed within 30 days of entering the employment and, according to the cadastre, no later than February 15 of the following year. Late – back – signature The review for the end of the calendar year is no longer possible.

I am a pensioner and this year I received 71 thanks for discounts on minus 15 thousand. Does that pay me the pensions?
If the number 71 of the tax formula (that is, the one where the speech is given after the rebate of discounts) turns out to be contradictory, write zero here. This means that you will not pay the tax, but you will not return anything.

You can file an overpayment only in the event that a refund is issued on the length of 91, ie after deducting the tax deposit paid by the employer for all (including employment contracts and agreements on the performance of work and work where the tax was paid) and daovho zvhodnn na dti.

My son graduated in June last year, confirmed to study until August, how many msc can I apply for a discount on children?

Eight msc, ie 8 x 890 = 7,120 crowns.

The twenty-three-year-old student both helped out as an assistant in sports events. He earned 14 thousand crowns. Do you have to give a piznn?
If he had income from a single employer, he did not have to pay the tax. If the monthly remuneration does not exceed 5 thousand crowns and he has not signed the tax return, a 15% tax will be applied, which cannot be deducted even in the tax return. If he / she signs the declaration, it is possible to file a tax return, apply for tax rebates and file for a refund of tax returns.

Pe se starobn dchod do daovho piznn? And if so, in which box?

If your pension did not exceed 198 thousand crowns in 2008, do not state it anywhere. If you have received a pension, you will enter the amount by which the pension is limited, in area 2 as the other income according to paragraph 10.

I’m retired and rented a field of agricultural waste. After the deduction, they gave me that he could pay 18 thousand crowns. So I have a discount on fees and how much? If it turns out that I don’t have to pay tax, do I still have to file a tax return?

The discount on the fee is vs tk tak, you can pay 24 840 crowns. Then it turns out that you will not pay in days. You must fill in and submit the money bag.

tte v tern MF TODAY

Tax for pensioners and how to properly fill out the tax return, when you have income from abroad, you will find in the third edition of the pension.

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