If you want to hit the life you are used to after retiring, you better not rely on the state.

The difference between the old-age pension and the debt of employment can be known. As with Hana Novotn, who retires at the end of this year and will have to go out with about half of her income compared to her daily salary. From the state, the city will receive less than nine thousand crowns in place of the current estates of thousands of the same employees. Founded in 1994 in the pension fund and in the building society. I’m not referred only to two from the cash register, k.

In the Pension Fund of the Czech Insurance Company, it raised about one hundred and twenty thousand crowns, similar to the one in a building society. So now there are enough more pensions, not if the pension imposed on term deposits or bn et. In recent years, the appreciation of pension funds has been averaging between three and three percent.

The choice of fund and conditions is decisive
What do you know to make a savings in a pension fund really pay off? It is important to set the parameters of the supplementary pension contract correctly. In the pension fund, these pensions are reduced in three ways to reduce the contribution from the state, according to the fund’s income and you have the opportunity to dream of paying tax contributions.

Association of pension funds on its website: In order to make the most of all the benefits that pension funds offer, it is optimal to contribute CZK 1,500 per month. You will receive the maximum contribution, and in addition you will receive a salary of 12,000 crowns from the income tax base.

It is also important to choose the most suitable erpn pension. You can choose between a one-time payment and a regularly paid lifetime pension. In a discussion on the Fincentrum.idnes.cz server, Veronika Hybov from the Generali Pension Fund recommended having her sweat paid out at once. From a client’s point of view, a one-off balance is suitable for me.

Hana Novotn also opted for a single pay. He wants to save his pensions again so that they get better. I will take from them, for example, only for holidays, including data associated with the household and the like. The pension should be up and running, uvd. If the disputes are gradually filled in, the remnants will be smashed.

Are the pensions safe?
The pensions that are spotted in the pension fund are not abandoned, but there are investment companies. And that’s firmly in public securities, bonds, stocks and term deposits. Don’t the fund go bankrupt, for example, when to buy inappropriate shares? Ask many potential and existing clients. Me. There are such known cases from abroad. In addition, deposits, unlike, for example, banks in pension funds are not insured.

Although pension funds are not secured by the state, they are very strictly controlled by the state and supervision is really strict. When the pension fund was canceled in the last few years, only in the form of purchase or transfer of the client under the heading of another pension fund, always in such a way that the clients are not damaged, explains Veronika Hybov.

What you need to know about the pension connection

■ You must save at least 100 crowns a month, you will be 18 years old
■ In order to be eligible for a contribution, you must not terminate the contract two at the end of the calendar year in which you will be
■ stt spoen supports, the highest contribution is a maximum of 150 crowns if you save 500 crowns yourself
■ if you save only 100 crowns, add another 50 crowns to them
■ when you spend more than 500 crowns a month, you can dream of the tax base from which the income is calculated, the most bag by 12,000 crowns per year
■ the employer also sends me a contribution to the pension supplement, and 3 percent of the gross salary, no one pays tax on these pensions
■ deposits in pension funds are not insured
■ spoit me kad, who is of legal age, but I have only one contract

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