She used a men’s tailor and made a t-shirt by making T-shirts made of quality Czech material. Then Vietnamese trade began to increase in the Czech Republic and Zuzana Kubnkov drank for customers. She thought she would never. Today she is a well-known businesswoman and she is happy.

When did you start a business and in what field?
J took part in IO in 1999, after all. Because I used a men’s t-shirt, I started cotton t-shirts. I must point out that I lived them from a great Czech material, which was made nearby in Vsetn. To this day, I know that the T-shirts go.

So what did you do?
Not for very long, because the Vietnamese began to move to it and gradually destroyed the Czech market and the production of clothing. Stores began to fail and closed as well. There was no one to sell, everyone was buying plastic clothes, and to this day, everyone can remember that there was more strip al Adidas there, so it sold better.

How did you do that?
I needed work, so I sailed goods from various companies to the hypermarket. I was not an employee of these chains, I was still working on a trade license. That’s when I said to myself, I never will.

You don’t seem to finish it. What happened?
In 2009, I came across a well-known business server on the Internet, which offered to create its profile and mediate the sale of handicrafts. At that time it was something new and it was very interesting. I immediately registered and put in some things like hearts, mugs and mugs. And imagine that it sold out immediately, which was very motivating for me. So I went to the market to unpack the goods and went home.

You had two children, how did you manage to do it?
There was no problem with that, but my pulling of the pallets did not stop. I had to have surgery and sweat was sick for a year. And so it actually happened that I couldn’t decide on for a long time. I started selling the goods again over the internet.

Did you go home? In what amount?
After a while, I found out that the lmmas literally come in, even in the last year, I’m not even talking about nitch. It has come so far that I have decided whether I will invest in renting some space or have a long garden built.

And how did it turn out?
The second variant won, my friend and I went to the gardens to build devn dlny. We thought of it as a multifunctional in case I ever finished it. Then there is a bar or apartment for rent, the possibility is many. We built it quickly and two years ago I was able to move to my dream for a long time.

So everything went smoothly.
Yes, but one fugitive was here. We built a day in a strange place, because the dog did not want to enter it and the guys who built it did not last here for less than three hours. That’s why I invited a friend who has different energies and experience with geopathogenic acquaintances to help me. He took a bite, cleared it here, and was calm.

Are you equipped with your own?
She did, but the machines I didn’t live on were the amount I lived. After a year, I went for industrial machines, which make my work very easy. I’m an advocate that if I don’t have anything, I won’t buy it. That’s why I never married a girl.

You are focusing on the so-called country style. What inspires you to do that?
Country style is actually my vision of the world. I go that way, that’s why it’s natural for me, which means I don’t have to be inspired by magazines and trends. I love flowers, all the herbs, devo. Patterns such as crocodile, stripe, polka dots and flowers are the basis for me to come from. Close to me is the so-called shabby style, which is bl ountl holiday romance. And let’s not forget just. Tenzbouji.

I love shopping and often like when a lot of them. I don’t mind at all that I’m just here for a while. There is a lot of income in it, but I’m satisfied with two of them, not having a retirement pension and a turnover.

Do you want to know that your products are not so interesting when I have stacks of reptiles here?
Definitely not, but they are mostly damaged by individual pieces, ie mainly sheets, poles, cushions. Once in a while he comes to work, when the person wants to leave the whole boarding house for some kind of solitude or walkways for the hostel on the farm, blinds in the newly built log cabin and space for the dining room in a small hotel somewhere in the woods. And then the little things quickly disappear. Just everything fits together and connects, the people are gifted, shop, enjoy and be inspired. And I know that the then postoperative impulse was right.

Where do you get individual components, do you cooperate with Czech and foreign suppliers?
I buy thread, zippers, sliders and lace from certified Czech manufacturers and suppliers. As for the little ones, I choose our suppliers and admire them for their work. Design yourself. I can’t resist and order materials from Korea, because they have great quality and prints of shabby flowers and romantic races are beautiful.

What was the biggest business arrest? How did you deal with a lot of papers and bureaucracy?
You know, I’ve been working at IO for nineteen years, and during that time I’ve learned to respect it. I don’t have the paperwork and bureaucracy in the world, but there are others who can do it, I also give them this job. I don’t want to get lost and study the end and keep changing many guidelines, which no one really understands.

You drive in the so-called village style. What inspires you, where to find motivation?
I am basically a villager, although raised in a panel. We had a cottage in Jesenky, where I stayed very often with children. I have lived in the village since 2000 and I am very satisfied. I’m actually under the outside.

When it comes to furnishing your house, do you prefer it?
Simplicity. At home we only have an old chest of drawers, which I reconstructed myself. Benches and tables, in turn, were made by ptel from meat. In fact, we don’t even have a classic kitchen, only shelves and brick walls. Then there are various accessories, you like coca or candles, but days of redundancy. Thanks to that, we basically shared it for a crown.

How many zkaznk mte? Going back to vm?
There are about three thousand of them in the database and I must honor that almost everyone returns. And, of course, pack their acquaintances and friends. It rarely stays with the purchase of one linen, some of the customers are on them almost vertical. women found that it is a very nice, but mainly practical drill that needs a tub.

Mte and svj e-shop?
Yes, I had two. I canceled one because of GPDR (general data protection policy), because I can really tire that various nonsensical rules. So I only have one e-shop, Fler, where behind us in the back and we are protective.

What will the people find there?
Mainly linen, polka dots, filling in poles of various sizes, even on a custom basis, blinds, curtains, seats, runners with border and lace, hammered blankets, but as little as hearts or frills. Quotes are a new novelty. I discovered this material and immediately had the idea that they could serve as bed covers. For customers, they took a very long time. Therefore, I do not have to put a stereotypical one thing around, where everyone is allowed. So no one has the same and I enjoy it.

How much piblin do you sell per week?
Every week I exhibit some news and I have to honor that the case is sold out within the hour. A ju se tm, a uiji nov.

Mte njak zamstnance?
I don’t have employees and I don’t even want to. I am a free hunter and that is what I wanted to achieve – to be independent, prosperous and, above all, satisfied with what I have long. I don’t want to be a stressful businessman, take a nap and have sleepless nights. M priorities are elsewhere.

V jakch cenovch relacch se pohybuje vae grain?
You can range from 900 to 1100 crowns, seats from 400 to 700 crowns, window blinds around one thousand crowns. Vtinu vc iji na zakzku.

Do you feel different from others?
Nobody lives like that, if I do. I mean dark with lace and trimmings, I haven’t seen a different set of different designs in anyone. Individual types ijijen in two pieces. As for the seats, the runes are beaten and look country.

Can you tell me how it turns in ron?
It is around 900 thousand crowns. It is not a huge amount, but I know that it costs me tax, insurance and payment. I have as much as I need, I don’t need to accumulate surplus, ijitady and te.

What do you rely on most in your business?
On the quality of workmanship and material, but the most important is communication with customers. I want them to feel good about shopping vc. When they also call me in person, they don’t even want to leave, and that’s a long time.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur?
I don’t think I should advise anyone where we are going our way. What is simple for me can be an insurmountable problem for others. Maybe just: Do what you entertain, and it will turn out in time.

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