Most people were interested in how the mortgage rates will develop over the years, how to choose the length of the rate fixation and whether it is currently suitable for a mortgage to finance the purchase of real estate, as well as building savings. This and put darkness uncovered in this online Ji Doubravsk – the director of a section of mortgages in Czech insurance.

OTZKA: Would you bet for a period of 5 years if the years increase or decrease?

ANSWER: The current insights of analysts are allowed to stagnate current rates in the coming months and years, respectively. their slight decline. I would not expect any kind of drastic navyovn.

OTZKA: How are the current trends, what about the mortgage? How do banks address clients abroad, what is the darkness they offer them?

ANSWER: I believe that the bank, resp. banks operating in our market dream of mortgage financing in their approach to clients, they have sharply compared it with the world, in some respects they are even more important, e.g. in access to 100% financing. The trend will be to limit some fees, especially those associated with processing or keeping it.

Who is Ji Doubravsk?
Ji Doubravsk is the CEO of a new section of mortgages in Czech insurance. After his five years in Piel, he held a senior position in the field of financial real estate and strategic alliances at HVB Bank. He previously worked for ten years at Komern banka, most recently as the director of the civil relations department at the company’s headquarters. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Zpadoesk University, where he is completing his doctoral studies this year, and obtained an MBA from Nothing Trent University. He is 35 years old and his promises include golf and tennis.

OTZKA: This June, the fixation is for 5 years (remaining 15) and then it looks like the years will be you. It is advisable to set the fixation again to 5 years, or expect a decrease and now fix it only for 1-2 years, I would prefer years 2. How is it in the opinion?

ANSWER: As I wrote in one of the answers, the insight is quite optimistic, so I would not mention the fixation for 2 years.

OTZKA: I would like to ask about the real estate prices in Prague. Don’t they come in “pestelen” high? I like it, for example. flats in Vienna and Berlin are cheaper than in Prague, and we are far behind against Austria and Germany. So how is it mon?

ANSWER: It is certainly true that prices, especially for some types of real estate in Prague, are very high. Especially in the area of ​​в byt ‹в pane‹ panel apartment prices do not correspond to their actual values. This fact is influenced by a number of factors, and artificially caused by some investor or real estate companies, but also by the constant high demand.

QUESTION: Does a bank in the R or elsewhere in the world offer a different mortgage model than just a fixed or variable rate model?

ANSWER: As a relatively interesting model for some clients, the phenomenon e.g. mortgage in the form of an overdraft, although in terms of the year it is basically a model of variable rate setting.

QUESTION: I wonder if it is possible to get a mortgage on a house that I just want to build and do not disturb others. Is there any possibility? Nap. to undertake with the contract that the dm will stt within one year and two years, etc.?

ANSWER: In such cases, it is possible to dispose of the land at the arrest (if you own it) and to dispose of the dm until the time when the property can be registered as a construction in the cadastre. It can then be pumped as standard compared to the current values ​​of the construction site.

QUESTION: I’m interested in new products offered by new games on the mortgage market, like you mBank.

ANSWER: The current situation on the market already shows that some of the access of new games, ie. large banks will start taking over free of charge, at least in the form of regular discounts. Otherwise, the specific offer of mBank can address a selected group of clients, however, their product range is still quite limited.

OTZKA: What is better for a 100% secure purchase of an apartment? Bank as a mortgage or building society. It is about 650,000 K.

ANSWER: There is no clear answer to this, but it can be assumed whether the client has a connection on the building society. If not, it will be appropriate to mortgage, incl. A building bond becomes suitable at the moment when the client, thanks to a connection or an extraordinary deposit, gets to the assigned building faster from the building savings, ie the time of the so-called infernal hurry is shortened, when he pays years from the total amount of customs duties.

Q: What is the msn fee of 150 K? You’ve been taking furnaces for years (where did you get everything), so for some customers, go for a small fee?

ANSWER: As I answered, one of the trends in the near future will be the degree of the fee associated with the mortgage, which will also affect the Vmi-mentioned fee for keeping the balance here.

OTZKA: How do you see the benefits in connection with the adoption of the euro in a mortgage currency in euros for residential real estate in Prague? With regard to strengthening the koruna, the development of rates in the ECB, rising prices in real estate, etc. I can earn both in CZK and in EUR. I am thinking of an investment in the city – Italy, which I would rent. Do you provide vry? Do I play golf like HCP?

ANSWER: Providing a mortgage in EUR is of course not a problem. Please keep in mind that it is very convenient and banks usually require it, to have the same currency and income proving fulfillment. This will avoid possible exchange rate risk problems. What you drink from the euro, I do not expect to have a major impact, it is always up to the client to decide which one to use for me. As for the handicap, I prefer to keep it for myself, know who does not care…

OTZKA: I wanted to ask about the opinion about the year of mortgages. At that time, banks have a trend of twenty single years for both 1 and 5 year fixation. According to Vs, is it more advantageous than sometimes two for different fixations for different years and, of course, that the largest fixation was at most a year? And how is fixation according to Vs, for how many years?

ANSWER: It cannot be assumed that the current trend of unifying rates at different fixations would be appropriate, e.g. For clients who want to choose a one-time fixation, this means basically a mountain rate, they wouldn’t get it in the past. One of the reasons for this approach of banks is the effort to get clients for a long period of fixation. Ideln fixation bad nap. even if you do not consider early payment of the whole or a fee in advance, if not, then 3 years can be a reasonable price.

OTZKA: I have a related question about the prices of real estate cracks – in the event that at least some of them are overvalued, do not experience a similar crisis as in the US in the event that their price will fall in the future? How about such a decline? Or spe stagnation?

ANSWER: This would be a question for an expert in the field of real estate market and real estate prices, however, fears of a crisis of similar proportions as in the US in our country are not yet in place. In the foreseeable future, I would expect a slight drop in prices only in terms of panel flats.

QUESTION: The interview trailer states that the mortgage applicant in the Czech Republic must eventually visit the bank anyway. So is it appropriate for a mortgage to be able to go out with one hunter?

ANSWER: Mainly, I mentioned it in the last answer. With one hunter, you go through the whole process of brew preparation and its approval, and you only need to sign the brewing contract in the bank. In the future, it will be possible to sign a level of documentation, if the client so requests, to complete directly in the insurance company.

QUESTION: I would like to know how the possibilities in R change the bank details at the end of the fixation. How do you recommend the procedure and what do you offer as a representative of the insurance company that offers mortgages.

ANSWER: If you are considering going to another bank as part of a refixation, I recommend that you contact your existing bank and submit it to you, ie min. 1 msc before refixing, about a sunny offer a year for another period. Compare this offer with the competition, ie even e.g. with the offer of esk pojiovny. The suitability of the offer does not change only in the year, but also in related fees, the need to make a new valuation of real estate, pp. other costs, when u are at the offer P, e.g. costs associated with the connection with the mortgage necessarily coincident.

OTZKA: We did not go into debt for the construction of the family house, we did a survey among mortgage providers and building societies. In the case of installments spread over 20 years, we would pay me in installments and years from hell and the subsequent day of building savings, not for a mortgage with a fixation for 5 years. And we did not think that after the fixation, the rate would increase. Do you see the advantages and disadvantages of the hellish brewings of building societies and the amount compared to mortgages?

ANSWER: As I stated in one of the answers, it always depends on the specific circumstances whether a building society or a mortgage is appropriate. According to my opinion, the mortgage is suitable for years, provided that the client does not yet have a suitable mortgage on the building savings day, especially due to the fact that you will pay the building savings bank for the entire hellhound period (ie 13 years). annual rate of duty and the principal of the debt will not be reduced.

OTZKA: In 2 months the company will start building my family house, so now is the best time to take a mortgage?

ANSWERS: Yes, of course, at this point it is definitely appropriate to contact one of the mortgage providers and then complete the basis for a mortgage business, incl.

QUESTION: Don’t you currently see the mortgage rate bent high compared to building society products? In addition, the fees policy of building societies is much more attractive to clients than to banks.

ANSWER: Hello, I have raised this issue in previous questions. The years offered by building societies are attractive, but you have to take into account the fact of how much these years pay. In the case of hell, you pay for a year all the time from the customs duties. In the end, as a result, this low year means that for example. 23 years of the last year from the building society (peklenovacho + pidlenho) pay for the years by 100 thousand. Not to mention the mortgage, which does not compensate you by far, nor do you state the appropriate fees.

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