When selling a vehicle, move the car to the new owner. The policyholder is obliged to notify the insurance company of the change of ownership of the vehicle. Notification of a change of ownership also causes the termination of the insurance liability.

The insurance also includes assistance services. What about insurance liability?
Some insurance companies also provide the policyholder with benefits over the scope of the law, even with insurance liability. These include assistance services in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe, ie assistance in an emergency situation caused by a breakdown, accident, vandal damage, attempted theft (not only in traffic accidents, but also when the vehicle is not driven for other reasons such as air). from the tire, discharge the battery, loss of cl, etc.).

The insurance companies have a contract with one of the companies providing assistance services (eg CORIS, AMK, ABA), which will provide clients with assistance not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe.

The first person is the driver of the mobile vehicle or one of the persons transported in the vehicle and the mobile vehicle is a vehicle for which the insurance company has concluded liability for its operation. In the event that the insured vehicle is immobile as a result of the insurance event, arrange for the assistance of the service of road services, sweeping, washing, towing and repair of the vehicle and up to a certain limit. Under certain conditions, the assistance service can also provide replacement accommodation in the Czech Republic and abroad up to the limit specified in the insurance contract.

It will also organize services for the castle of an immovable mobile vehicle abroad or for a hostel. The condition of the bag is that the person paid the consideration to foreign currency providers in the country to the crown and assistance services or branches of the insurance company.

How will the new rules be?

In the event of an insurance event, it is therefore necessary to call the telephone number that the client has listed on his assistance card.

The scope of assistance services is specified in the contract with the registered insurance company, which specifies this scope in its insurance contracts and informs clients sufficiently about them. The provision of assistance services does not apply to some precisely specified events; nap. to codes caused mentally, codes were created by the explosion of transported taskavin, codes as a result of various events and more.

When the vehicle is sold, the car passes to another owner. Do I have to report it?
The policyholder is obliged to report the actual facts stipulated by the law. It is also a change of ownership of the vehicle. Written notification of a change of ownership also causes the termination of the insurance liability.

Insurance termination on the day when the policyholder (insurance) announces the insurance change of ownership of the vehicle. When notifying this, the owner of the vehicle is obliged, as the policyholder, to submit the insurance document and the green card, if issued, without undue delay. The insurance company is obliged to confirm to the owner of the vehicle the return of the proof of insurance and the green card and to issue a certificate of the duration of the insurance liability and the code of the expired insurance within fifteen days.

Can the new owner contract a liability with another insurance company?
The new owner of the vehicle is, of course, free to choose the insurance company. In the same way, the current car owner has the opportunity to choose, according to his stated insurance company, to conclude a new insurance contract on insurance liability when buying another car.

The original contract expires on the day when the insurer was notified of the change of ownership of the vehicle.

In the event that it decides again for the same insurance company and the original contract is terminated and a new one is concluded at the same time, it is possible to convert the unused premium into a new contract.

ryvek from the book: Povinn ruen

1. dl: car code from an unknown culprit must be reimbursed
2. dl: Operator hldanho park the answer for the code

3. dl: Determined according to the fault depending on the caused code
4. dl: To replace the code I have a connection and three months
5. dl: Do not tear Manel’s car, do not pay the connection code

Length 6: The city of the car accident is not decisive for the replacement of the code


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