Leasing companies koFIN and CAC Leasing advertise insurance GAP. Let’s take a closer look at what this connection, which makes sense in the first years of owning a vehicle, exactly covers. The price difference between two competing offers for leasing and binding new Fabia codes is 6 thousand crowns.

On the day of purchase, the value of the car will inevitably fall. After a year, the general price of a new car decreases by about a hundred, after those years even to half the original purchase price. The GAP covers the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and the current market price, which in the event of theft or total car codes is determined and paid by the insurance company. This difference bn accident insurance.

So if a thief leaves with you a year old for a car with a purchase price of 300 thousand. crowns, the insurance benefit will be around 200 thousand. crown. For a three-year-old car, the insurance company will pay you about 150 thousand prices after its total accident. crown. With the additional GAP, you will get the purchase price of the new car back in both cases, ie 300 thousand. TO.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance) has been taken over from the Czech market from abroad, where it is often offered as a part of leasing, says Duan Dlo, an analyst at Partners for Life Planning.

How much is the security

koFIN launched the koda Leasing Safety product, known as the Neplate advertising slogan over spilled milk. When leasing a Fabia or Roomster car, the ad promises a free Defend Lock (for 7,500 K) and a Defend GAP connection for 3 years (worth CZK 11,500). The koFIN event is limited in time until September 30, 2007. Let’s see from the table whether this offer is really free.

New clients and competitors CAC Leasing offer a similar product, with a free GAP bag from the advertisement. The insurance for the increase of the deposit is for the entire period of insurance (for 3 years) 9990 crowns and is evenly distributed in regular installments.

Let’s now compare the offers of leasing, compulsory liability, emergency insurance with 5% co-payment and GAP connection for the new Fabia Classic 1.2 12V HTP / 51kW model with a purchase price of 282,900 K including VAT. The table describes financial leasing for 36 months with a 30% down payment and no minimum residual price.

Leasing Safety
Extra Leasing
Leasing spltka6 309,486 320,00
Accident insurance629,00473,50
Povinn ruen257,00275,50
Pojitn GAP

free of charge

7 195,487 347,00

During those years of the lease of the contract, pay koFIN 6 thousand crowns less for the offer of CAC Leasing. Therefore, you will not receive a fully free GAP connection in the amount of CZK 11,500 compared to the offer of the competition, but you will actually pay me.

Leasing Safety
Extra Leasing
Down payment 30%84 870,0084 870,00
Leasing installments 227 141,28227 520,00
Balance price119,001 190,00
(without captured)
312 130,28313 580,00
Pay the value of the car for29 230,2830 680,00
For pojitn patches31 896,0036 972,00
(vetn pojitn)
344 026,28350 552,00

The GAP insurance can be arranged at the same time as the signing of the leasing contract directly at the dealer when buying a new car or within 90 days of receiving the vehicle as a connection to the insurance accident. GAP can be connected by agreement according to the size and on the cover of any part of the emergency insurance.

The offer of koFIN is intended only for new vehicles and the GAP insurance cover is limited to 3 years, then expires. In the case of CAC Leasing, the GAP contract is agreed for 3 years, but they can be extended under modified conditions and for 10 years of the car.

“This is very positive or extends the safety cover. However, it is not necessary to have a GAP insurance for the entire duration of the emergency insurance. It made sense in the first years of owning a vehicle and especially when buying it at home, ”Duan added.

Other information, such as the fact that the maximum limit of insurance benefits is 55% of the purchase price of the vehicle. The insurance indemnity from the accident insurance and the GAP insurance from one insurance event may not exceed the purchase price of the car.

The BONUS-MALUS system does not apply to the connection. And as with other fuses, in the event of the vehicle being stolen, you must be able to return all the keys that were attached to the vehicle during operation from the manufacturer.

GAP insurance is as safe as any other. Protect against adverse events and the illness of one kind of people. You invite when it is appropriate for everyone to close this insurance for a certain amount and when there is a possible risk free of charge, but

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