The current trend is not on debt. Get a credit card today as easily as buying a pastry. The charge card, the card for nron and the credit card are so easy to understand.

At the end of last year, 36,000 charge cards were issued in the Czech Republic, of which less than 26,000 under the American Express logo (according to AmEx only) and 10,000 were marked Diners Club International (according to DC only). However, these pots state only the total number, do not distinguish between private and corporate cards. At present, you will find charge cards in the offer of MasterCard and VISA.

The charge card is intended for non-profit and highly creditworthy clients who perceive it as a sign of prestige and financial independence. Adequate from this type of card, so give more, do not offer ordinary credit cards. Charge cards therefore bear lavish names, e.g. gold, platinum.

Services that can charge charge cards to a certain extent copy the generally known services of debit embossed cards. All-year travel insurance with above-standard payment, discounts on purchases in selected shopping malls, hotels and car rentals, issuing irrecoverable cash and irreplaceable payment cards (including its free sending to any place in the world).

In addition, charge cards offer non-stop emergency helplines, access to the lounge at letitch, where free refreshments are available, and free access to the Internet, fax and hill. Thanks to the most prestigious charge kartm, their owners have the opportunity to reach virtually any service (the card issuer, for example, mediates pistaven helicopters).

Kreditn karta versus charge karta
If we look at how there is a difference between a credit card and a charge from the point of view of just the credit card, we will find out one relatively significant difference and thus the way is fulfilled. If you draw from a credit card, you have two options after the end of the so-called ethnic period to return the pension. If you do not want to and do not pay the debt of customs duties, but only its share, you can pay a minimum installment. Then you have to travel with the year, usually exceeding the limit of 20 or more percent. If you use the so-called unqualified period and pay off the debt of customs duties, in the following years, insignificant information is available to the state. If you handle your credit card this way, use it de facto as a charge card.

There is no gradual fulfillment of charge cards. The limit provided by the issuer for charge cards can, as with credit cards, be used in any way and thus be shared with several additional cards. You only have to repay the entire debt within a certain day of the month.

Selected charge cards are by invitation only
If you decide for one of the private charge cards, you must contact the bank, which will have a card company entered into a so-called distribution agreement. Of course, you can go and spend in the direct (without the help of the bank), but the whole process will probably be a bit complicated and complicated. You have to communicate with the issuer about what the bank usually does (enough about the card, the necessary documents confirming the creditworthiness, etc., when it is sent by sweat, including when making a payment card).

However, even when you go through the approval process, agree on how to ensure the provided level limit and decide on a specific type of charge card, you do not have a win. Not all charge cards come this way. The selected types of cards are for invitation only. These are cards intended for exceptionally creditworthy clients with a long history, which banks address themselves with a charge card offer.

Tab.: Pehled privtnch charge karet
Publisher Marked cardsCharge
for issuing cards
Diners Club DC map 5 000 K
Map of DC / SA 6 000 K
DC / Golf map 6 000 K
American Expres Green card 100 USD/EUR
Gold card 200 USD/EUR
Platinum card 400 USD/EUR
Centurion tab (invite only) 1 000 USD/EUR
MasterCard MC Gold Charge 4 000 K*
MC Charge Standard 500 K
VISA VISA Classic Charge 500 K
VISA Gold Charge 4 000 K

* popl. in Volksbank, popl. in HVB Bank for tut card in 5 000 K
** depending on the individual offer, the fees for individual cards may be even zero; charge cards you also need to help with the range of related services

Fixed rules? They don’t exist
If you are considering one of the charge cards and would like to know how you have to meet the conditions to get it, the answer will be that there is no unambiguous evaluation of the criteria and the offer of this type is completely individual. The same individually applies to the contractual conditions, including the fee, which is often outside the official price list.

Some banks issue charge cards, others only mediate their issuance. In the first group you will find HVB Bank and so Volksbank. HVB Bank offers MasterCard and VISA charge cards, Volksbank offers MasterCard charge cards and so on. You have to have these banks, or you may have quite a wall at the bottom. In addition, HVB Bank requires a minimum of history from the applicant.

In the type of intermediary groups you will find BAWAG Bank and Komern banka, where you can issue a charge card not only to AmEx, but also to a trade bank that mediates AmEx and DC. SOB with a Czech savings bank can mediate a single DC charge card.

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