If the prices of new cars in Czech car showrooms seem to you and you have checked the suitable price conditions abroad, do not hesitate and buy a tin milk right there. How to do it?

In this comment, let’s advise you on what you need to do in the area of ​​administration and tax in order to buy a vehicle abroad, register it in the Czech Republic and use it in the usual way, as you are used to with cars used in the country.

Many studies have been published in the Czech Republic, which dealt with the price comparison of this vehicle sold in different European countries. The surprising result from these studies is that the prices of such a vehicle can vary greatly depending on the state where the vehicle is sold.

Of course, the logical salary is that the expensive and luxury car is comparable, so there is a price difference in each country for this vehicle. First of all, in these cases, you may want to look at several car shows in Europe, or even visit a factory and buy a car right there.

Here I can add my own practical experience, or I visited the production factory of Audi cars in Ingolstadt, Germany, where, in addition to the visit to the Historical Museum, I can order and take away a new model. I will not offer specific price differences here (they would certainly accuse me of advertising), but the position of the vehicle directly from the manufacturer is more appropriate than buying in R.

Be careful, it is not always possible to go to a cheaper one

VAT is not a problem, but follow the payment in R
To get to the heart of the comment, let’s assume that the Czech citizen decided to buy a new car in Germany directly from one of the many local manufacturers. Here I will just add that absolutely this tax and administrative rules as described will apply even in the case of driving cars from any other state of the European Union. In this context, it is probably not possible to assume that for new cars we will go somewhere to countries outside the European Union, and therefore I do not intend to develop this variant.

The most important law that we should know in this context is the VAT law, especially the special paragraph 19 changes to the issue of VAT for new cars. In this section, the right to purchase new cars from other EU member states to the country is relatively clear. It can be expected that a German car manufacturer (or its dealer) will be registered with a VAT payer in Germany. Their basic obligation when selling new cars is to apply input VAT (in other words, increase the price of VAT). In the same vein, this is the case for car dealers, who have to sell the car including 19% VAT.

This rule does not apply if the buyer is someone from another EU member state (in our case it is a Czech citizen). In such a case, the German seller does not apply input VAT (does not increase the sales price by VAT). The terminology of the VAT code at this German seller is a so-called exemption with the right to deduct VAT (in layman’s terms, from the point of view of the Czech buyer, this is a tax-free amount).

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it looks, and the creators of the directive (the European VAT standard) are not so stupid as to simply give them a tax. Czech citizens have to pay VAT in all of them, at the local financial office.

You must report to the financial office within ten days of starting the car

If you take the car from a German manufacturer, you must report to the financial office within ten days of receiving the car. In addition to the VAT tax return, the Czech citizen must file so-called mucus for the knowledge of the new means of transport. On the basis of the tax in the tax return and on the tax document, the tax administrator will pay the tax to the Czech citizen, who is due within 25 days. As you can see, the value added tax can be avoided and must always be paid in some cases. The obligations of the Czech citizen do not end there.

The vehicle can be registered only after VAT has been paid

Undoubtedly, the Czech citizen is able to register a car in the register of road vehicles in the Czech Republic as soon as possible. This can be unfortunately and after the payment of VAT (see paragraph in), and therefore it can be recommended to report the knowledge of a new means of transport from another Member State two, not under the tax return. A VAT advance can be paid to Finannma adu.

Against the payment of the deposit, a financial certificate is issued for the castle deposit, which is accepted first in the Register of Vehicles and can register it. Subsequent Czech citizen under the right to apply for the receipt of a tax document, in which he only charges the paid deposit. This variant allows the user to enter the vehicle in R, register immediately and use immediately.

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Discuss applied VAT with the seller in advance

It follows from the above that this is not an extremely difficult transaction, I will allow me to take one note. Although you will not be the first or last buyer from another member state, the seller will refrain from selling you a car without VAT. Ask for?

VAT is the area with the largest taxpayers in the EU and German dealers are afraid that the vehicle will not be transported across the border and you will return it somewhere on the black German market. A basic condition for exempting these transactions from VAT is the first fact that this vehicle leaves the German border. If this were not the case, then such a transaction would have to be charged German VAT and VAT paid to the German budget.

The German seller could demand (in addition to the price paid without VAT) to pay a deposit in vi VAT. The condition for the release of this deposit back to the buyer would be the first proof of payment of VAT in R confirmed by the local financial office. But this is in the negotiation of the terms of the whole contract, also the German seller will be in court and will not want a day deposit.

I believe that especially expensive cars (let’s say above half a million CZK) offer a huge potential in terms of disputes in the case of money abroad. People do not develop this, mainly due to their ignorance of a foreign language and their own convenience, but tens of thousands and, in some cases, hundreds of crowns can be spent on similar transactions.

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