Rent a house, sell cosmetics and toys from the garden? You will probably need to tax this income. The bag does not have to be full of tubs.

Are you horrified that you will have to pay tax?
The hunter will easily forget about the plein air, so put it in mind and remember the evening of the pension that someone paid you, the advice of expert Vladimír Zdrail. If you seem to be able to admit you and the pension you received for your father from your female.

Whether you have to let go of your pension is bad, depending on how much you drank and in what way. Whether the income was regular and regular, so whether you stuck to your regular job, business and retirement.

When you don’t have to worry about the tax…
Any income is not taxed, some are exempt from tax. Their sentence is contained in Section 4 of the Income Tax Act. These include, for example, several social doors, pensions up to 198,000 crowns a year, pensions earned for the house and apartment in which you lived for at least two years (or owned it for five years) before the sale. So if you sold you furniture, you don’t have to pay tax. He is also exempt from the person who sold the car, which according to not a year has been sold, or securities, but also after six months from their purchase.

Those who work on one of the agreements (on the performance of work and on work activities) do not have to worry about the payment of the tax return, the tax will be paid to them by the employer, up to 5,000 crowns less a tax of 15 percent.

Kdy and when you have to look back
If you know that your income does not belong to the tax-exempt team, you will still know that all tax returns will not be paid. There are some ways to go there. For employees it is 6,000, for those who are not employed, 15,000 and for those who have so-called general income, 20,000 crowns, you do not have to contribute to them in your income.

However, the limits have strict conditions and they do not decide that any income up to a certain value would be exempt from taxes. Daov konkon is complex, he wants to have enough experience in it, states daov advisor Zdenk Vesel. The opposite of this document is often reminiscent of a fighting game. In this case there is some condition, one paragraph refers to a species.

And conversely. An employee who rents an apartment or garage and spends 60,000 crowns a year, must file a tax return. His income then floats to area 2 according to paragraph 9. Advantageously, the possibility of applying a flat rate of 30 percent.

Deposits (un) paid income tax

  • 6,000 crowns
    Who is employed and his income does not exceed 6,000 crowns a year, you do not have to pay anything. You rent him a cottage for him and he got 5,000 crowns.
  • 15,000 crowns
    If you do not have income from vertical activities, you are not employed anywhere, you can earn a year and 15,000 crowns, which you do not have to tax. For example, a pensioner who rents a room in a house as an office for 12,000 crowns.
  • 20,000 crowns
    Whoever has income from business activities and business rental of movitch (ie not houses, flats, cottages), who do not exceed 20,000 crowns in the year of the year, does not have to pay tax. You have earned a commission for financial intermediation, sale of advertising or other services and sale of cosmetics.

The limit of 20,000 does not affect the activity in the first employment relationship, which means that you must not work on an agreement on the performance of work and work activity, here the tax is deducted. Serial honors up to CZK 3,000 msn from one client are also taxed.

If your income is one-off and their sum is less than 20,000, then it is taxed like other income according to paragraph 10 and fill in area 2. For example, when you rented mchaku for 8,000 crowns, and sold honey for 16,500 crowns, you will be taxed 24,500 crowns. . In this case, you can state only the actual data, ie a demonstrably related connection – not paul, but you must not be lost.

Download daov formulas HERE

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