The deadline for submitting the tax return, which you filled in yourself, is bl. You have to pay the tax even if you just have a drink. You asked the expert Vlastimra Echa from the APOGEO company about various ambiguities regarding the completion of the tax return.

During the dungeon, you could learn how to fill out the tax return. But when it comes to good faith, there can be mischiefs that you can’t handle. You asked, for example, whether the tax is earned from course sets or whether you can leave the tax to study at a private university.

Who answered:

Ing. Vlastimr ech (58) graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. He became a Dao consultant in 1996. During his practice, he worked in a number of business and consulting companies. He has been working in the tax department of the consulting company APOGEO Tax, as since 2007.

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