If, with all your efforts, you have entered the world tax return for 2007 in the last day, you will now have to pay the health insurance supplement (no later than eight days from the date of the tax return). The front in health insurance can be avoided.

As far as it is stipulated in the payment of health insurance, the adoption of the data of the reform from 1 January 2008 to the day of change is not possible. A fundamental change is the fact that the health insurance policyholder is not obliged to file it no later than eight days after the new financial statement with the tax return.

So there is a bit of redundancy in the first days of April of the queue in the health insurance company (especially in the General Health Insurance Company), or it is until the end of April. But what about the payment of the surcharge resulting from the overview?

We have to pay a supplement, unfortunately, within eight days
Unfortunately, the deadline for the supplementation of health insurance premiums was not an amendment to the Act on General Health Insurance Premiums and was not unified with the date of the survey. The additional payment due from the difference between the policyholder’s deposits and the actual insurance premium resulting from the income earned is therefore still due within eight days after the tax return for the past calendar year.

If I had to put it on the deposit, the taxpayer filed a tax return on March 25, 2008. He is obliged to pay the surcharge no later than April 2, 2008. On the other hand, such a taxpayer and the insured must first get an overview of their health insurance company and in April day.

Only use it for those who can fill in the overview themselves
The agreement is probably available to those who are confused with the fact that they will help them fill in the overview in the health insurance company and immediately pay in cash or a supplement. In such a case, they probably won’t avoid the queue.

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