Late payment of the tax at the last minute of the prodrain. Express transfer costs several hundred crowns. Do not forget to pay you and arrears in health insurance and pension insurance. And pay attention to the due date.

You will not forget to submit the tax credit to your financial income, which you will prepare yourself without a tax advisor, no later than Wednesday, February 31, 2010. When you are late, your tax administrator will increase your tax by ten percent.

Da must arrive at the end of the year

Take special care this year to pay for it. According to the last right, the pension must arrive at the latest on the 31st day of the financial year. Otherwise, they will pay for each day of the delayed years.

Therefore, in the case of non-cash payments, enter your pension transfer order with your bank no later than Monday, February 29 or Tuesday, March 30.

If you leave the tax paid and on the last day, ie Wednesday the 31st, have only two options. There will be a queue directly in the treasure at the financial stand, which costs time. Or you can pay an express transfer pension from your place here. This will ensure that the pension arrives at the financial ad t day.

Express payment must be made within a certain hour

However, banks charge a total of tons of fees for the express transfer of pensions. And that’s 500 crowns. In addition, you must enter the transfer order at the bank within a certain hour, or in the morning during the morning. Otherwise payment will not be made on the given day.

Express payments can be made in all banks, except mBank. It is advisable to enter an order for express payment electronically. It usually costs me no order at the branch. If you have a business in Citibank, Raiffeisenbank or Potovn spoiteln, take into account that your transfer will be about a crown, or a payment made from ordinary civil security here.

The express payment from Citibank (CZK 500) and LBBW Bank (CZK 300) will be the best. Clients of Potovn spoitelny (15 crowns) and Raiffeisenbank (28 crowns) offer the cheapest half-board by express order to a foreign bank. In other banks, the express transfer of pensions ranges from 90 to 200 crowns.

The tax can be sent free of charge by the tax return

If you do not want to have the tax paid on the last day, it is quite appropriate to pay the tax through the so-called voucher tax, because it is exempt from sweat fees. This means that you can leave your pension for free.

The elephant can be obtained on all pots or on financial boards. When filling it out, be sure to send the payment to your financial bank.

You can get a list of all the financial series on pot or on the esk pot website (you can find the list of your financial series here). As a variable symbol, do not forget to enter the national currency or IO so that the financial institution can identify the payment.

Balance your retirement and health insurance payments

If you submit your tax return by February 31, 2010, you will not forget to charge you pension contributions and payments to the public health insurance. Here, too, you must comply with the prescribed deadline, otherwise you will be threatened with sanctions (all in the line do not forget to charge retirement contributions. At first, the artists must first).

In the case of social security, it is necessary to submit the Statement of Income and Expenditure by April 30, 2010 at the latest.

When paying for health insurance deposits, make sure that you can submit the Income and Expenditure Report and by April 30, any arrears of the insurance bag must be paid within eight days after the tax return (interactive “Reports” can be filled in here).

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