When an entrepreneur lands, he has to file a tax return for it. In some cases, this also applies to employees. For example, when an employee has other incomes, you do not have six thousand crowns a year.

A dead entrepreneur is considered a closed business, regardless of whether someone will continue his business or not.

“Dead entrepreneurs should report their children or children within 15 days to a long-term financial line,” says Iva Krkorov of KPMG.

One of the grandfathers should give the money for the earth. In the event that it is inherited, they can agree on who is in charge or on behalf of the tax administrator.

The person who is obliged to pay the tax on behalf of the landlord should find out whether at the time of the dead he did not lead the financial ad in any special way or tax control. You have a lot of problems walking on your grandfather and he has to solve these problems.

Daov piznn is nutn data to pl deadline

“In any case, it is necessary that within six months from the day when the entrepreneur died, the tax return was based on income tax, and if the entrepreneur was a VAT payer, so is VAT,” explains Krkorov.

The taxpayer must file the tax within the same period even if he continues in business. If the taxpayer does not pay for the land, he threatens a fine. It can reach five percent of taxes, a minimum of 500 crowns, a maximum of 300 thousand crowns.

Walk on your grandfather’s debts

Any debts and unpaid tax will go to the grandfather. The day of ddic, the bag should not pay more, not how much he inherited (more about ddn’s debt here).

“With the tax return, the tax must also be paid at the same time. All companies are responsible for paying the tax. If the payment of taxes were delayed, you would have to cover the year of delay, ”adds Krkorov.

Pozstal mus nkdy podat piznn i za zamstnance

Not always an employer issues a tax for an agricultural worker. Bad about whether he drank to work or not.

“Wrong whether the country signed with the employer the so-called Tax Tax and at the same time had no other income than six thousand crowns. In such a case, the tax will not be paid, but the employer will pay a number of employees in advance and pay a number of funds under the Income Tax for vertical activities, ”says Tom Pacovsk from Apogeo.

If the landlord has earned more than six thousand crowns or has not signed the tax return, the employer does not file a tax return of the income and the child must pay the completed tax return within six months from the dead employee. For example, renting an apartment is also considered a secondary income.

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