In the Czech Republic, there are three direct registers. If you meet the lease, leasing even just a long call, certain information about your debt will appear in some of them. If you need an entry from each register, prepare a thousand crowns.

Domestic level registers record bundles of all debts (client), both from entrepreneurs and natural persons who are not entrepreneurs. Data about your volumes can appear at the same time in several of them.

With the data obtained from banks, you can certainly figure in the Banking Register of Client Information, or, if you do business, in the Central Register of Companies (the operator is NB). Information about your volumes can also be found in the Non-Banking Register of Client Information. Finally, if it is not allowed for a long time (or you are in arrears), information about your test may also appear in the negative SOLUS registry.

It only depends on which companies and banks you drank. What if you ever want to just check out how it records everything in which register it registers? Definitely vs will not be written enough supported by the fee. In addition, you can obtain information from one of the top registers only if it is your volumes, or if you represent the first person and inquire about the volumes of this company.

Banking and Non-banking register of client information

If you need to obtain information about your person from the Banking Register of Client Information (according to only the BRKI or NRKI), you have a choice of two options. In any case, enough information about your person (or an entry from the register) must be submitted in writing or electronically. The applicant’s signature is always required. In the case of a written form, the need for a single signature (eg in the case of a notebook) in the case of an electronic submission must be quite necessary for the electronic signature to be based on a qualified certificate issued by an accredited provider of certified services.

Requests for entries are handled by the Client Center for BRKI and NRKI, which shared in Prague 1, Na Pkop 21, in its first hours (MON, WED 8: 00–18: 00, T, TP 9: 00–17: 00). You can find enough formulas on the websites and quite are two-speed rooms – standard and express. Standards are usually settled within 30 days from the date of the business, express by cash (on personal meetings, the entry is made by cash, otherwise it is sent in good condition within 24 hours of delivery to the Client Center).

Each fee is accompanied by a fee of at least 100 crowns. The express version will then be doubled, ie 200 crowns. In addition to both prices, it may be necessary to go further.


The negative register of information SOLUS provides information from its records only in writing. The pedal can be either personal or sweat. Of course, the applicant’s signature must never be missing from the formula.

Enough of the entry from the records can be sent to SOLUS, especially the association of the first persons, Na Pankrci 30/1618, Prague 4, but you will have to repent for a while. All requests are only standard by default, within 30 days of receiving them. The entry itself is then sent well to any contact address listed in enough (only in the Czech Republic). The price of sending an entry from the SOLUS register for a good and 135 crowns (ie 60 crowns and the fee for a good + 75 crowns are the costs of the VAT including VAT).

Central register vr

The Czech National Bank has created an information system called the Central Register, in which banks are obliged to provide additional data on client volumes. The register, unlike other domestic registers, only records information on debts from entrepreneurs (ie first-time and natural persons in business).

An entry from the register must be submitted directly by an entrepreneur (if the natural person is an entrepreneur) or, in the case of a first person, by a natural person who is its statutory body. The business can be submitted in person or through a mail at the address NB, Centrln registr vr, Na Pkop 28, Prague 1.

There is no fixed deadline for making an entry from the Central Register, including the NB, on their website, however, it is stated that the making offices are no later than 30 days after receipt of a sufficient and written price for the entry. In this case, the fee must be paid in advance, on the NB number, and the variable word of the formula is given as a variable symbol (it is indicated in the upper right corner of the formula). You can also pay by a receipt, where the address is NB.

If the applicant does not make a sufficient price for the castle entry within 30 days from the day of the submission, the NB is not obliged to make the entry. The price of the entry is 400 crowns including VAT.

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