Plates tisc maturant, who will get it straight to work this year, have an unusually open hole. Thanks to a prosperous economy and minimal unemployment, they have the only opportunity to start a career. What do they think it looks like?

The economy works and companies insist on anyone who would work rd and reliably. Nabdek is a lot and it is no exception that the graduate can choose from several positions. In fields where the situation on the labor market is really exacerbated, for example in information technology, companies offer to attract even the latest students.

Tom Ervn Dombrovskze of LMC, which operates, for example, the portal, confirms that there are plenty of vacancies on the market. Not everyone will find a suitable job right away. The best performers are IT colleagues, designers and electrical engineers, says Dombrovsk. According to him, there are graduates of the humanities: You have to pay for the city or the city outside the field, but today they have the opportunity to grow up quickly when they get practice.

Large companies are popular

Graduates most often choose employers according to their characteristics, professional growth opportunities and corporate culture. Quite often, the two advantages of large international companies, because there is a strong knowledge of the characteristics and also the possibility of career management, explains Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of personnel at Grafton Recruitment.

First, after the round, people have the only opportunity to enjoy their career. This is also confirmed by the recent National State Survey for Education among Graduates. In the first job it was interesting, but in the end I had to go in a test course, because a colleague worked with an offer to go to a new company. She had orders abroad abroad. I peeled, the motivation was interesting work and better salary. I also stuck, said in an interview with the author of the research of young energetics.

With a brigdnka manager

The motto is to leave nothing to chance with a number of students in the first rounds of the middle rounds. Prepare for your future employees on brigds. While in their early studies they take a part-time job as an interesting opportunity to try out different professions and types of work, including manual, old middle-aged students. National state for the educator who led the research.

For example, one of the respondents, a graduate of museum pedagogy, who lived as a first-grader in the middle round, stated in an interview: I chose a brigade according to my experience and moved it somewhere. I knew it would remind me that I would then have practice in the forefront. So I chose a brigade accordingly.

Even with brigades, students want to achieve some kind of career procedure, from my qualified work and to those who required it experience and knowledge. They tried to find brigades where they would learn something, or help them gain contacts for later employment.

Many have thus established contact in companies, which were later used by a number of graduates, add Trhlkov. The most important thing for a shower is to know the right people and be in the right place. If he doesn’t have the knowledge, he has to do it. Going to these cities, being active, not expecting it to fall into my lap, was summed up by an IT graduate who found work outside the field as a production of cultural events.

Ondej Kol, an eighteen-year-old construction student, is about to join the same company, where he is now on a brigade. At there for all those months I know, I received an interesting offer from the company and I do not want to leave the company, where it works, he said.

dm si kariru sm

This year, even graduates without practical experience do not have to worry about the city. They can choose. According to the survey, many look not only for offers on the co-op and in advertising, but also consider starting their own business, and in the form of self-employed companies.

While a few years ago they started a career at a time when they had a hard time finding a city, today they are fulfilling and considering how companies and positions they will work in. He tries to give a career in the selection of suitable companies, in which he will learn something important, what increases their value and value on the labor market, as Trhlkov said.

According to them, it is equally important for the day graduates that their colleagues in the company work and whether they are beneficial for them and willing to share information. Or whether it is a new, fast-growing company, it is possible to build on its building and thus achieve a rapid progress.

At work, self-realization is the longest for me. She is at the very top of the pyramid. I am not very interested in a career or the possibility of advancement, I want to do what I am interested in, one of the graduates said during interviews with researchers.

This was evidenced by the great world research of the ManpowerGroup company among the so-called lovers who stand in the face of working career. ManpowerGroup.

It is not certain that employees gain the experience and skills to make their careers progress smoothly. The career procedure is not very important for me, I don’t want to stumble in any position, but I have fun. In order to keep it from stagnating and there was some growth, one of the graduates who found work on the flight described in a survey for the National State for Education.

At work, just leave

All the surveys show that when choosing the first employed people after the round of sawdust, consider whether they will go to work for a fixed period of time or they can adapt it. It is important for n how much time they will have and time to end.

Graduates look for work-life balance and flexibility. Their willingness to stay in the work according to their competencies is declining, say Jitka Soukov from Grafton Recruitment. The ManpowerGroup questionnaire showed that many young people take part in free time at the end of their career, but also travel or education in new areas.

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