He danced alongside the stars, became the world’s mdn characters, and London inspired his collection. Only salamanders can be spn in so many professions. Tanenk, model and mdn design Ji Kalfa managed it at the age of twenty-nine. An interview for City Life magazine brings his work closer.

What do you consider to be your biggest hurry so far?
Presented collection for this season at London Fashion Week. Cellist Terezie Kovalov composed the music for the show and played it in the city. Legendary Czech top model Pavlna Pozkov also flew from New York to close the whole show. At that moment, everything fell into place. Mon not without mistakes, for me it was pesto perfect.

How darkness did you choose for your collection?
I was inspired by the Victorian equivalent of the star of England. I used details from the period and tried to give them a day look. I wanted to create models in which each place would look like a queen.

You were also inspired by the queen in the previous collection of performances in London. In what context?
The motif was a great queen, for a simple reason. Vely gradually die out and don’t talk about it anywhere. I think that I contribute so much to this, because it is the second most exciting business in the world, which is destroying the planet.

I am invited and I am really sorry that some of them get on the list of endangered species. I know that I do not have such a strong voice that could affect the view of the entire planet, but even if, thanks to my collection, you only get to one hunter who will give this information before, then it will be important to me.

You may be part of the small business. What do you need to keep the product from falling apart?
I don’t want to be wasted and I prefer to be dressed to order, so that there is no excess overproduction. It does not work on the principle of large-scale production and in this way it basically creates a sustainable copper. They strive to recycle materials as much as possible, and the collections do not live on or coine. And even if I work with wool, for example, I choose local farms, where I can be sure that they will not catch the sheep in the blood, as is the case in large farms.

So are you a proponent of the destruction of koein farms?
Definitely yes. And when that decision was made, I actively participated in the protest. I had myself driven into a cage in front of the Senta building for eight hours. It was the worst experience of my life. I can’t even imagine terror, which for years must have been called because of the leopards.

ij jet vbec nvrhi v dnen dob z pravch koein?
Most of the world’s designs have grown to use real koeiny. There are so many good alternatives that look the same. And in winter, basically just walk from an air-conditioned car to heated buildings, you also don’t need to put on coats for warmth. In that day it is only a matter of the rest of the thorns.

So do you replace materials that you avoid for ethical reasons?
First, research the new technology in which to make mushrooms. I found a non-traditional way of processing in an Italian company. In the future, I will continue to use Buddhist silk. This is due to the fact that silkworms behave less, under conditions that do not allow invites to kill. Give him a normal life comparable to that on sale, but the collection of silk fibers is, of course, slower than being used today in unfortunately common acceleration processes, which are liquidated for silkworms.

Choose the same fuel for your creation?
I see a lot of sense in using materials that have been made here by us since the arrest. First imports and non-transparency are very harmful. They are associated with large amounts of emissions and waste. Companies want to make the tickets cheap, so let them weave in our factory, then they will paint them in Sri Lanka and then hopefully go to some warehouses. Vtina mch materil pochz z eska. I found shops and had a long one that can produce beautiful and high-quality fabrics. When it doesn’t work out, ptrm abroad.

Do you think the same ecologically not only in the city, but also in your personal life?
Yes, I’m a vegetarian. I don’t think it’s bad when a hunter eats meat. I see the problem in the huge production of temporarily connected thorns of animals, which are all their lives locked up in cages, do not know the light of day, are exposed to chemicals and are treated only as a product.

So I don’t buy foods that contain palm oil. It fits everywhere it goes, because it is cheap and manufacturers have a profit. At the same time, it can be replaced by another common oil, due to which the whole forests do not have to be devastated.

How does such an environmentally friendly hunter become a common proposal?
I got to Md by detour. Taking years of ballet before, I made a living as a professional dancer. I managed to collaborate with the legendary choreographer Pina Bauschová or the famous Wayne McGregor. When a hunter from the modeling agency approached me on the street in Barcelona, ​​I decided to try a new baldness, because I fulfilled all my dreams in dancing.

How was life in modeling?
I took a long hour to do some casting to finally work one day a week. I wasn’t used to that at all from the tanen drill. I traveled the world and decided to settle in New York. I became one of the TV campaigns for Donna Karanova and thanks to that I met the famous photographer Peter Lindbergh, whom I always admired. New York is beating, but at the same time exhausting the city. There I realized that I would like to go back to Prague and start doing something completely new.

And the choice ultimately fell on the design cloth. What led to him?
Previous experience has given me perfect knowledge of costumes, movements, the human body and a certain aesthetics. So I was sorry and the proposed clothes were offered. I started to attend courses intensively, learned from fighters and frowns and gradually created a team of people from the field around me. It was a foundation. And if I had known years ago what everything in the real work of a young man proposes to renew, I would probably not decide for her.

You would probably succeed in it elsewhere.
I’m probably quite stubborn and ambitious. As a dancer, I did not have any ideal preconditions for my profession, because I have a torso in my forefoot, and I was still a part of spades choreographers. As a model, I didn’t get high enough and I still got baldness on the pier pier. And I never studied the design, but I gradually succeeded in the Kiev and London fashion week. So it is important that when I do something, I just do it. In my opinion, the foundation is not in it. There is a lot of opportunity in the daytime and it is up to us to discover them.

What does mda mean for vs?
Eat yourself. Mda is a one-day art in a small form. It is definitely a visual picture of society. It reflects the mood of the time and individual characters. This is the first thing that everyone registers on the second one. Mda should underline what you are inside and how you are reading, or at least give you the confidence and opportunity to relax. I don’t know about trends, but I have my own style. The hunt for darkness so that the hunter is stylistically perfect according to the trend, creates an effect where we do not see personalities, but only the crowd. Mda should simply be a gift and not a gift.

What do you like to dress up with?
Bad on how I wake up in the morning and what I can do during the day. He wakes up like a rock star and puts on all my accessories from a hat to chains and rings. When, on the other hand, a lot of scars, I put on a uniform in the form of a black roll and black bottoms.

Wear dressed from your collections?
Almost never. Of course, I can design and learn something for myself, but the collections are mm inner and a very special course, which your landing for others. I would bring it closer to Reisre. He does not include the furnace in his films.

Did anyone from mdn brane influence your work?
Yes, all the British are right and coincidental. The queen for me is Vivienne Westwood, the queen is John Galliano and the god is Alexander McQueen. For these artists, it was not and was not to design just dressed, but to create an interesting pbh.

How do such pbhy arise?
So my suggestions often result from more darkness, from such a mix of different ideas and thoughts. I wanted to make the collection last year in the manner of uniforms, but gradually Johanka z Arku and the American Revolution appeared in English. There was a long time to go, and in the end it was carried in the spirit of women who did not fight for human ideals. I want to take advantage of the fact that, as a proposal, I will come out of my opinion, change my cloaked voice and influence the washing of the people.

How would you describe the style of clothes that make up?
I can’t call it one word. It’s not streetwear or haute couture. It’s a red carpet, but also a daily noen. It is both a disco and a French revolution. It’s a kabuki theater, but so is MTV. Probably the most eclectic mix. My collections are j, because they make them, but get life and with who is the nose. This is not the first thing.

Did the individual fields give me something that you can draw on for your personal life?
Ballet shaped, among other things, the character. It requires a lot of humility, honor and wit. At the same time, he taught me to be up to myself and get the best out of myself. Modeling completed a period in which I could suddenly breathe, meet a lot of interesting people, travel around the world and learn self-sufficiency. The design allowed me to grow up again, to be creative and, most importantly, to build on my own.

Do you have a secret pn that you would reach in your design? Or do you read that you are fulfilled?
Nemm dn konkrtn cle. Mon jen njak umleck. As a proposal, the women’s and men’s collection lasts a year and I wear them in my head at once. That’s why I would like to slow down for a while and create pompom costumes, for example, for a full-time ballet in Pai or for a big music show, like David Bowie or Freddie Mercury.

If you had to opt for another permit, which one would you choose?
Rd, I would be more committed to protecting the planet. And that would mean going somewhere far and rescuing you gorillas or elves. It is not enough for him not to get involved in a defenseless invitation or a child and know that you have helped him change his destiny for the better. Without flash cameras and social copper. Not for your own profit, but because you know it’s the right thing to do. I would pay for it once in a lifetime.

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