The labor market in the regions is different. Brno catches up with the main city. Liberec’s development bag con vpapa where in Prague zan. The densities in the capital are still among the highest, but this is not the case for all professions. Take a look at how much demand is greatest for us.

In the vicinity of Liberec or St. Nad Labem there are technical bikes and useful as anywhere else in the country. It has high wheels, machinery, transport, textiles and construction industries, furniture and electrical engineering, and in addition to the rest of the country, a variety of industries are also used here.

Although in the north there is a noticeable lack of people with technical distance. Companies are looking in vain not only for designers, electrical engineers, quality operators and production operators, but also for manufacturers, electricians and seisers, who usually earn more as OSVs, not in an employment relationship.

We have been hiring people for more than a year for a professional technical position, to Daniel Chovancov from the school company Festool, who produces professional electronics.

Technicians, also by letter, graduation certificate or university diploma, often go to work in Prague, Moravia or near the border to Germany.

Thanks to the newly completed debtor, it is also common to go to Prague every day, where employees will receive a significantly better salary for the same work, explains Michaela Drncov from the Grafton Recruitment staff branch.

Although in the job advertisement of North Moravian companies there are long lists of benefits from working holidays through contributions to pension savings, transport and health care and to life anniversaries, most often in return.

Compared to wage gaps, which the region in the north has often to compete with, local wages are often a percentage point lower. This is most evident in information technology, where in some positions it pays, where the North Bohemian wages end, the crack starts, to Kateina Podlahov from the Liberec branch of Grafton Recruitment.

On the contrary, there is a petitioner in the administration. However, we do not have a vacancy in the administration. It is the bottom of the industrial exchange of the region, there are mainly manufacturing companies, firmly in the field of automotive, not, for example, the service center, where candidates would apply, adds Podlahov. According to the local work schedule, there is a great demand for kitchens, warehouses and masons.

Not only debtors make mistakes in the vicinity of Prague

While experts can help Prague, it’s the job of the debtor professions. It is also true that the salaries in these positions are not so different between the regions and the capital that it pays to travel together for work.

The employer is interested in auxiliary workers in the field of construction and construction, in transport and storage, in production. According to them, they are interested in cleaning and helpers in households, hotels, administrative, industrial and other buildings, Blanka Havlk from the regional branch of the Labor Office in Prague.

The employer so often reduces his requirements for employees. At present, some employers have agreed to recruit graduates and university students without experience for a given profession that cannot be filled with them, to train them and, in cooperation with a series of jobs, to retrain and train them for the required position, explains Renata Malichov from the secondary school. Due to the large number of state institutions of mistakes in Prague and its surroundings, customs officers, police officers, people in the army and the Czech Republic. It is not possible to occupy the city in the community, mistakes teachers, educators, professionals, add Malichov.

Jihoesk telephone operator reads vce not scratch

Historical values ​​in the number of jobs offered are recorded by a number of jobs in the Karlovy Vary region. For comparison, in June two years ago, there were three thousand vacancies there, last year there were five or more jobs, this year 8 239. A number of people from the region go to work in Germany. There is no profession that cannot be used.

The demand is for physiotherapists, police officers, ikch, ncch, stranges and clerks. It is similar in the Pilsen region. They are not to the south, so the employers are happier. Far more than in the north, new experts from studies in Prague, Brno and Olomouc return there.

Compared to other areas in the country, it is also quite possible to attract employees from other regions, especially from Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, both to her and to your job position, including Vladimír lajch from the Grafton Recruitment branch in Eskobudjovice.

Although there are only a few positions in which people in other countries pay more than in Prague, but at least one is like that. The specialist in telephone sales will have a deposit of 28 thousand crowns, but in Prague it will cost a maximum of 27 thousand, according to the likes.

Brno pays the capital of the city of Dohn

Where Czech workers cannot be hacked, foreigners are also likely to take the credit. This is all the more true in the German and Austrian phrans. A nurse from Mikulov has been working in Vienna for ten years.

It is hellish, especially on the way to Vienna, but working in Austria is still in full swing. A mother of two daughters praises the forty-year-old nurse in the hospital for a full harness and fees for shortening the ligament.

Paramedics, nurses, nurses and dentists are the most missing in the Zlín region.

When I go to Austria to pay attention, to another in Moravia there are workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary and Poland. The same trend is high Vysoina. Kestoina Tkadlecov from the Brno branch of Grafton Recruitment lacks the number of employees in Brno and the surrounding area, both for long-term professions and for professional positions in corporate services, where knowledge of the field and the ability to speak foreign languages ​​is required.

At the same time, Brno’s salaries are catching up in many fields, including information technology, logistics, healthcare and trade.

From Ostrava, go to jet vtch mst

In Ostrava at hls stop condition. While elsewhere there are more rocket rockets, in the Moravian-Silesian region, according to experts, they will not appear in many new positions. In addition, one unpleasant trend is still evident in North Moravia.

After graduating, the graduates of the rounds only stay here, most often after their career they go to Brno and Prague, where they find her during their studies. People from other areas often do not want to come to the region, even in the case of above-standard work offers, to the manager of the Ostrava branch of Grafton Recruitment Michal Gargo. Here, too, there is a shortage of people from foreigners. In the Ostrava region, these are mainly Poles who prefer to come daily, in the Olomouc region they are Bulgarians, Romanians and Ukrainians.

Severomoravt employer does not give up and literally hacks his employees. Offer a psychologist, masseur and fitness trainer. In this way, they will pay their people their full salary even in the first days of incapacity for work.

In Krlovhradeck, you take a replacement to Prce

Even the people and the employer from one region do not have the same vbr. An example is the Pardubice region, where the conditions are known unbalanced. While in the regional town and its surroundings there are up to twenty thousand vacant towns, in the Svitavy district only a little over two thousand.

Positions in the main branches of the region of trade and services, engineering and production of means of transport are formed mainly in the Pardubice region, but thus, for example, in the district of St nad Orlic. These are mainly cities in the job professions, not a few shifts, to the director of the Pardubice series Petr Klimpl.

Here, too, look for a whole host of professions. From standard and technologist to lkae and he optics and to seizovae CNC and teacher’s language. Many hardly occupied, or the region has the least unemployment in the country only 1.8 percent.

It looks similar in the neighboring Krumlov region. The average wage is rising, which paradoxically leads to employee turnover. The employer also organizes the organization of financial and financial transport, adds Martin Hork, director of the regional branch in Hradec Krlov.

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