The possibility of how to pay for the paula has become relatively familiar relatively quickly, and many traders actually use it. Not all of them use the bag optimally. Let’s advise you on how to work with pauses to get as many disputes as possible.

The marriages first addressed first and foremost small business owners and especially those who offered only some promise (eg counselors). With the growing experience of the people with this change, the spectrum of fees that decided to pause gradually expanded. When properly understood, the offered option may be suitable even for tradesmen who need to buy materials for their activities. But find out in detail and in the following text.

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Vdajov paul me vyut virtually anyone
The essence of marriage paul is very simple. The taxpayer registers only income and they are worried about Sunday. At the end of the tax period, all income will be calculated and a certain percentage will be calculated from them, which in absolute terms will be used as a tax credit. Of course, hand in hand with different economic activities, there is also a difference in the amount of the lump sum. It would be unfair for the same marriage to have, for example, interpreters and craftsmen. Before the actual analysis, we must know the example individually in the data paula. I remind you that with regard to the scope of the table of names I shorten the individual passports and for the absolute accuracy of the deposit it is necessary to visit the Income Tax Account.

Druh pjm

and paul

Income from agricultural production, forestry and water management80%
Let’s eat with emeslnch ivnost60%
Income from trade business with the exception of trade50%
Income from other business according to special accounts (eg architects,)40%
Income from the performance of an independent permit, which is not a business even according to special regulations40%
Income from the use of or provided first from industrial or other intellectual property40%
Income of an expert, interpreter, mediator of collective disputes.40%
Income from the activities of the insolvency administrator.40%
Revenues from the lease of real estate, apartment and movitch vc, listed in par. 930%

From the given table it clearly follows that in paula badly on the nature of the activity, which the taxpayer performs. However, it is not always the case that a taxpayer carries out only one type of economic activity during a tax period, for example a craft activity. In such a case (if there is a pjmm from craft and non-craft activities), we will get into trouble with the administrator given the data set in the tax data.

Daov optimization u paul zan u from order content
To understand the following recommendations, we must start with a thorough description of the issue. Let’s imagine the craftsman of Mr. Wenceslas, who runs her craftsmanship for the second year. The first is to apply a tax rate of 60% of income. Recently, several owners of carpentry have turned to him and give him advice on organizing work in the long run.

If Mr. Vclav starts to provide and invoice the organization of advice, then he should not apply it to the pjmm paul 60% obtained in this way, but only according to the given table should apply only a percentage of fifties to these pjmm. Here, there is a difference between the fees that, according to the predominant type of income, the percentage rate of the tax rate is applied to all income achieved. However, this is a misinterpretation and Mr. Vclav should divide the achieved income. He has to apply a paul of 60% to pjmm from craftsmanship and he has to apply only a percentage of fifty pjmm from organized consulting.

Tip for all fees with paul: If you have more types of economic activities, which are more than one half, then you must pour these incomes for the tax authorities. On the other hand, many activities are a combination of, for example, craftsmanship and organized consulting. If you formulate an order or contract for the work in a suitable way, you can determine the amount of the payment period.

Go through the trade license and the income tax account, I can teach you tens of thousands
Let me first offer a specific example explaining the call in the title of this paragraph: Eighteen years of Jan’s sun have many offers in the field of modeling and every day he goes to various events of this type. Her friend explained that this activity is the so-called income from other self-employment (there is neither a business nor a business) with the possibility of using a tax pause of 40%.

After an interview with another friend, Slena Jana was not allowed to deal with such a low wedding paul and eagerly sought in the trade license a free trade close to what she had in practice. She considers design and Aranr activities to be very close, and immediately after consulting with a trade ad, she applied for a trade license. Only thanks to the existence of this trade license can I claim a tax rate of 50%, which is a noticeable difference compared to thirty and in its case a large amount of money.

Tip for all fees with paul: Go through a thorough business survey and look for whether the coincidence of the subject of economic activity does not correspond to the type of activity with the exchange rate. If so, do not hesitate to wall a trade license and your investment in it will be drilled very quickly (similar to the case of Jana’s straw in the previous paragraph).

Paul is not just for people providing services of an immaterial nature, get involved in a transaction and let the tax pay off.

The general rule for and against paul is the sum of toton. Levels are suitable for those who have low data related to their income. On the other hand, even craftsmen providing some assembly or other rights needed for their kind of activity of some material inputs do not have to be shared with Paul. Then let me first give an example, which I will analyze later.

Mr. Milo runs a craftsmanship and takes care of fencing buildings or family houses. And he used paul, when he invoiced only the assembly of the fence, while the material (posts, paint, etc.) the customer had to buy sm. Recently, however, there has been a growing number of customers who want to order a complete fenced material supply from Mr. Miloe. Due to the fact that the material is more than 90% of the contract price, it will be suitable for Mr. Miloe paul to grow. On the other hand, he does not want to back away from it, because he would have to hire etn, etc. What can be done about it?

Even such a situation does not necessarily lead to a strong marriage of paul. For orders, including Milo’s material, the material can be recommended to Mr. Milo, where the material sells the customer’s name, which applies the actual data. The material will be sold either without any margin or in a probable variant with a small profit. Mr. Milo will, as he used to, only bill them for work, and Paul will have his charm for him.

Daov type: If, from time to time, you have to buy material, for example, to assemble and actually enter the data, you will not have to involve any of your friends who use the actual data in the transaction.

Pauls are undoubtedly suitable for you. Most of the fees use them first, but you can’t go to optimize them yet.

Download daov formulas HERE
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