It is not with the pensions and in the future it will not be the same. But what about the darkness? It seems that the introduction of the second sawmill was not exactly the right one. Keep it, edit it, or cancel it completely? And how to proceed? These questions in the last days of the government.

We pinpoint several people who are affected by this problem in various ways.

Petr TemelkovDoufm, e zvtz common sense

The critic of the second sawmill in its current form belongs to the meeting of the director of the financial consulting company DataLife Petr Temelkov. He even filed a complaint with the Czech National Bank for suspected consumer misleading.

The type of sawmill is a necessity, but if it should remain in this form, I consider its cancellation to be the first one. However, I still hope that the common sense and the city of districts in preparation will bring about fundamental changes in the use of the pension, the termination of the contract and some other rules. And the kind of saw thus begins to fulfill its purpose, to Petr Temelkov and suggests:

The creators of other proposals should realize that even a hunter after a senior wants to have a full life. In order for the type of saw to work, one essential thing needs to be done: to convince a financial advisor of its suitability. If they do not recommend the product to clients, they will not lose the type of saw. It’s the same as with any other financial product: there are only a few clients who decide for themselves. Just look at how many people, for example, have a pension in the house here without any appreciation, even if they could save them better. They did not do it because no one convinced them to do so, or he did not explain to them clearly what, for and how to do it.

Pavel HulkThe employer wants to keep the type of saw

In order to win the overall results of the 12th year, the Sodexo Employer of the Year award was thus discussed by the pension reform. The clear message is that 67 percent of those voted for the retention of the second retirement sawmill and 91 percent in the current pension companies and want to join their employees, the founder and director of the Club, employer Pavel Hulk, and added that the employer informed better communication and system credibility with the public.

According to him, companies thus expect the possibility of financing early retirement in selected various professions, where two are more able to use working time accounts as a suitable tool. The system works in such a way that, for example, from extraordinary shifts and transfers, employees ask the employer to deprive you of the opportunity to retire in a year or two from this account in the future.

Petr WellIt must be interesting for everyone

The basic principle of the second saw is right. However, it is necessary to present it in such a way that it is of interest to all parties, explains Petr Bene, a former pension fund of SOB and now a manager of Wood & Company.

In addition to the lack of communication, the distribution settings are poorly known. The alibi effort to protect consumers with low commissions to financial advisors meant that even the professional public did not accept the type of sawmill.

Patrik NacherThe saw cannot work under current conditions

I am not a supporter of the second saw, if the saw calls the product at all. Since the meeting, I have criticized its setting, character, meaning, economic and political illogy, to the owner of the server Patrik Nacher, who is now nominated to the expert commission for pension reform.

On the other hand, according to him, it is only productive, politically enlightened and useful and understandable for the people in connection with the new reform to talk only about the abolition of the second sawmill. This can provoke negative (would artificially evoked) reactions in the form of alob and arbitrator. At the same time, it is at the same time clear that under the current conditions, the minor was not able to function.

According to Patrik Nacheratransformation, one of the possibilities is to transform the second sawmill and put it into a form that would make sense to people. How to do it to complete your round and be attractive?

In short and simplified – to cancel various limiting conditions: time limited for entry for people over 35 years, the impossibility to leave the system under certain circumstances, the impossibility to choose pensions after reaching retirement age and deal with them.

Another issue is the abolition of the 2% contribution, which complicates the whole system. And after these and, of course, other pro-client rights, then two logics to make the system mandatory. This, in turn, obviously reduces the cost of the entire system.

Or the other saw to have the saw transformed in such a way that the participant is not damaged. It would therefore be their own free choice whether to have the entire percentage paid out in cash (with an adequate decrease in future earnings per day by an average of three percent), or if all these funds will be moved to the sawmill with a single premium that the state pension will not fall by anything.

At the same time, they are clear and perhaps everyone agrees on them: in the face of service, diversification of future incomes (not just relying on the middle income) and family cohesion and responsibility, concludes Patrik Nacher.

Jan MacekIt is necessary to create a reserve

According to Swiss Life Select analyst Jan Mack, more people are preparing for the wall, for example, the number of those who voluntarily pay their pensions has increased by 64 percent in the last five years. This is not the case, the return from the state must be understood only as a basic living wage to cover the most necessary needs.

In order for us to be better, you need to save. If, for example, we go to our own supplementary pension scheme with a dynamic strategy (six pillows) with the same amount as now at least voluntary pension insurance, ie 1,817 crowns, we could create The reserve of about 1.7 million crowns is calculated by Jan Macek and he adds that the people who are retiring today are probably about 82 years old. They will therefore receive a pension of approximately 17 years. From the mentioned financial reserves, they could draw a regular monthly rent of around 8,300 crowns, which in many households means a difference between fixed and internal.

And what do you think about it?

Should the government cancel the kind of pensions?

total vote:

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