Urit you have killed it many times. You discuss with others and rely on clear opinions and facts when arguing. Pedkldte nzory without any trace of confrontation. The other side of the bag can’t catch anything. How to break through the defenses of and change the views of species? Advise vm psychologist Jan Urban.

At first glance, it might seem that the human mind should know new facts, and its facts, evidence and arguments should be open. The results of many years of psychological research and everyday experience show that things are not so simple. People do not like to comment on their opinions, attitudes or opinions.

Human thought or personal conviction are very often not in fact or logic. It was guided by an effort to strike the opinions that person two created and to adapt the facts, opinions and beliefs to one’s own needs and feelings. Psychology in this context speaks of a tendency to so-called motivated thinking.

How to break the defense

Why do people hold their existing views and new facts so hard? Odlin nzory and persuade this in our minds as neptelsk. Existing opinions and beliefs want something that protects us, supports our security, maintains identity or even washes five.

Mental comfort also plays a role in understanding it. The idea, as we know, was and the idea that we would have to leave our hard-built opinion world and replace it with another, raised serious concerns in mind.

When trying to change the view, the kind of party presented facts and arguments do not worry. Zabr nco jinho. Evidence of this is a simple fact proven and experimental. People who are self-assured tend to have a different view of others open and thus have a willingness to change their views.

It proved an experiment in which two groups of people with the same attitudes were presented with facts. This was in conflict with their previous convictions. People in one group were encouraged to recall situations from their past, when they respected themselves. The experiment showed that the fact that the people of this group managed to convince the basis of new facts was very much you.

Strengthen the self-confidence kind of party

This fact may be of practical importance. If you want to convince someone, be aware that the kind of parties in your opinion can be a source of concern. It does not matter how rational the arguments of the opposite are presented. What matters is how much I can strengthen his self-confidence and self-confidence.

You can do this, for example, by drawing attention to the strong side of the counterparty, sometimes even if you praise it in a certain way can help you.

Our willingness to understand the real facts and to be open to a new view of things is also influenced by the group with which we hang out or want to belong to them. Here, too, we have our confidence.

If we take the views of a group, it is important that we become one of them. As such, we can be honored and safe. People are socially invited and membership in groups significantly increases their sense of security.

The system of motivated consideration is therefore the tendency to accept only the opinions characteristic of a certain group of people. Even this motivation is unconscious. Here, too, it is true that we are stronger, we are at risk of reading, and it is economically and otherwise. On the contrary, it does increase one’s own self-threatening flexibility.

So how do you convince those who belong to the group? We will not change their opinion, unless we offer them the possibility of membership in other groups.

RememberZsady spnho pesvdovn

  • If you want to convince a person who has different opinions and attitudes, do not base your efforts at least on the facts and arguments. The views a person has are emotionally important to them and their strengths as a threat to their safety.
  • You are trying to draw the person’s attention to discrepancies in their own arguments. Especially in danger, which for her these contradictions and her views as such pinned. This may not always be easy.
  • In addition, you will not forget when you will betray the advantages of your own opinions and arguments over others. The result is that the other party hardens in its opinions and creates a defense from.
  • It is essentially more productive not to argue the facts is to give a persuaded person to say something about himself. It is best to change her strengths, to say that she managed to achieve how she hurriedly recorded her, how much praise she received, or to say some recognition. This will weaken the defense mechanisms that prevent the arrival of new opinions.

Rada na zvr: No harm, if you do something similar – in the form of open communication – let’s try ourselves. Your communication is very likely to acquire the nature of the conversation, not just a dispute but a bending fact that the other party does not know or does not know.

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