1. Nemuste bt cel rok manel

The first condition for the possibility of a common tax is marriage. It does not matter at all that you closed the satek in December 2006. If it is valid, you meet the condition. Just sign the same statement, which the pilot directly to the letter.

2. Dt is a condition

An important prerequisite for the joint taxation of a common husband is that there is a child who lives in the common household. At the same time, you don’t have to be the child of both partners, but you only have one. To meet the conditions, it is not important whether the child was born and at the end of 2006, or reached the age of majority and stopped studying, for example, in June.

3. Formul vyplujete oba

Don’t forget to pick up two Formula 5 formulas at the financial address. You can also find it on the Internet: www.mfcr.cz, http://podnikani.idnes.cz, www.danovapriznani.cz

4. Seete documents

Just fill out the formula not. You must also attach a certificate on tax levies (life insurance, supplementary pension, proof of paid year from the mortgage and building savings, certificate of study for a student over 18 years of age). You do not have to give proof of the gifts provided, but you should have them at home for inspection.

5. Apply for a surcharge

You will probably receive an overpayment in the event of a tax refund. You must submit the bag yourself, on the fourth page of the basic formula. So don’t forget to fill in where you can deliver it (to the address or to the bank) and let the owner sign it!

6. Make copies

Copy all the documents you have paid for the tax return, including the completed form. Confirmation of the study of children and admission of both pilots to both letters. In the original to the one to which it relates, in a copy to the partner. Then have a copy of the completed formula confirmed on request and keep it for future reference.

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